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  • Sandra Bricker "Sandie 129" - Unique storytelling and wonderful author voiceI really loved this book. It's not my usual genre, so that made it all the more special when it touched my heart the way it did. I couldn't put it down. I'd never read this author before, but the buzz on the book was so good that I had to see for myself. I'm so glad I did. The storytelling is really unique, and the author's voice creates an inviting walk through familiar and yet illuminating and provocative pages. I would highly recommend this to anyone who dances on the borderline of enjoying this type of book. This one will take you right over the edge!
  • D. C. H - 100% Effective all of the time!When I am stuck in a binder, I make sure it is the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032). As a PhD student who is not only part of the 47%, but also a proud member of the 99%, this binder is 100% effective all of the time. Whether I am contemplating a voucher system for my medical services, the modification of social security or not being paid the same as males, I file everything away with me in my secure two inch binder. I would be nothing without my binder, heck I would even contemplate voting if not for this secure device!
  • Madaleine Avery - Healthy Meal ReplacementI make this for breakfast every morning and it's a great start to the day. It holds you over longer than other raw smoothies I've tried. It definitely is a taste that needs to be acquired. But now, I don't mind it, I actually enjoy it. The vanilla flavor is my favorite so far, but again, also an acquired taste. I began my adding a touch of raw agave or a banana for the first few days which helped with the transition. I also used a smaller dosage than recommended so it wasn't as thick. Now I drink it as recommended with only water and get nervous when I'm running low. It's definitely become a staple for me and I would recommend it if you are looking to make some positive changes to your health.