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  • F from California "F from California" - much better than phil & ted's metoo chairI originally ordered the Phil&Ted's Metoo chair, but found the design to be clumsy, especially since the seat cover is permanently fixed to the frame. But the biggest reason for my return was because the harness was too big and therefore useless for my baby. Compared to Phil&Ted's version, the Inglesina Fast Table chair has:

    - built in travel bag that you'll never lose
    - removable washable seat cover
    - plastic/rubber covered parts of the frame that touch the table, great because the surfaces in contact with the table are larger and grippy-er than the Metoo
    - large knobs to tighten against the underside of the table - easy to grip unlike the little knobs on the Metoo

    I think this Inglesina Fast Table chair is great, the only drawback is its weight. So far we are using the Fast Table at home so our baby can join us at the dining table as well as other areas of the house. We haven't carried it out much, but I can see that toting it, a wiggly baby and a diaper bag can be a bit of a drag if you are by yourself.
  • Adrienne M Walker - Great price...GGreat product, one a day so this product lasts for three months. Cheaper than buying at a drug store. Can't compare to other probiotics because this is the only kind I have ever taken.
  • Just a guy - Easy to apply - works greatI applied this to the fabric cushions of my outdoor wicker sofa. I laid out some plastic sheeting on the floor of my garage and laid out the cushions. I made sure they were very clean before applying. It took two cans to do both sides of all the cushions (two coats).

    After application, I let each side dry for about 10 hours.

    The cushions are a light tan and it did not change the color at all.

    Water and (more importantly) dirt no longer stick to the cushions. Water just beads off. Dirt clean up very easily.