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  • Beccaboney "beccaboney" - Probably Would Work Best on a Touch Screen(NOTE: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review, attached here)

    I received the Office Home and Business 2013 key card for 1 PC last week, and took a week to finally go ahead and install it. I was hesitant because I was pretty happy with Office 2010, and I had read reviews that this new version was really more ideal for a touch screen, which I did not install this on.

    Installation was incredibly easy. You definitely need an internet connection, though, just to know in advance. Also, make sure to have caps lock on when installing the key info (lowercase letters do not work).

    It took under 10 minutes on my Verizon Fios connection. I opened and used all the aspects except for One Note, which I never use now anyway. I was pleased with the graphics of it, though my computer is 3 years old and I can definitely imagine the graphics popping out a lot more on a high def screen.

    All in all, I'm pleased. No issues, and if I were to buy a new touchscreen laptop, since they really don't come preloaded with much more than a 90 day trial anymore, I would buy this version.
  • Rebcat - Great productMy husband were trying for our second child. It was a struggle getting pregnant with our first - it took 29 months from start to birth including a misscarrage and fertility treatments. So for the second time around I decided to try FertileAid, FertileCM, and OvaBoost (the trinity, as i call it) before going back to the specialist. It was on our third month trying that I started the three supplements and I got pregnant that cycle. I am very much a fan. Although it is a lot of pills daily: three FertileAid, three FertileCM, four OvaBoost. And the pills are similar looking. The FertileCM is slightly smaller than the other two and the FertileAid and OvaBoost are very similar with a slight variation in the color. So you need to keep track of them while taking them.
    I had no side effects at all. The pills are easy to take.
    ***note: while I absolutely love amazon and make lots of purchases here, I buy this product from At that site you get FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING.