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  • Michael S. Moncrief "superninja12r" - A Must HaveI've always used Microsoft Office since it was given too me free as a college student. When I finally made the choice to switch over to a Mac Book Pro I found myself lost without my Microsoft Office. I was using my wife's Windows PC when ever I had to use it and hated the slowness of her PC. I've found it to be just the same on the Mac as it is on Windows and it was well worth the money I spent for the software. I primarily use Excel and everything is great but I can't speak for the other programs. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a quality word processing, spreadsheet program etc.
  • R. H. Greene - An Enema of the People!Turns out the best use for my handy dandy family-sized canister of Red Band/Blue Band Pepper Spray is an off-label one!

    I left mine on the same shelf where I keep my diuretics, and woke up bleary-eyed after a night of enforced listening to my local drum circle fighting the power. Before I realized what I was doing, I had inserted my Red Band/Blue Band into the wrong orifice and squeezed the handle. Talk about a rude awakening!

    I'm now twenty pounds lighter, my bowel movements are synchronized to my esophagus, and my doctor tells me I just gave myself a "homeopathic" gastric bypass. I've never felt so clean and clear! Red Band/Blue Band Pepper Spray isn't just an enema of the people. It's an enema by the people and for the people too!

    Works better than a Lap Band!

    Thank you, Defense Technology!
  • Just a tsp - SIMPLY AMAZEDI'm 64 years old and was blessed with youthful, healthy skin. Up until 2 years ago, I received complements all the time that suggested I looked at least 5 years younger than my actual age. At 64, that was not the case. I looked 75 yo. What happened? Sickness and medication I think. My face just sagged and seemed to lose elasticity. I lost my eyelids under my eyebrow and the appearance of puffiness and darkness developed under my eyes (Blepharoplasty surgery estimated cost would be $6000 plus pain and healing). I developed extreme neck sagging (possibly due to weight loss and illness). Like many in my situation, I tried all kinds of ointments at a large cost and very frustrating. I did see some benefits with some ointments and a change in make-up (also expensive). Last week, I was featured with my daughter and grand-children in several photographs taken by my husband (who's pretty good as a photographer and owner of several very expensive Canon's and Nikon's and lighting equipment). I was HORRIFIED at my appearance even though I was prepared for the photo shoot with my makeup routine. The photos can be "doctor" by my spouse to remove shadows throughout my face and neck so the photos will be okay. But I'm not okay. Facelift surgery including blepharoplasty and neck could run $15,000+, then there's the pain, suffering, and healing (:o. My experience with LIFECELL. I'm one of the lucky one's :). I noticed a difference first application. After 5th application STILL AMAZED. All my descriptions above DEMINISHED (not gone) to my satisfaction and relief! I'm confident that I will continue to see improvement but even if I don't, LIFECELL is worth every bit of the $189. I realize that it might be too soon to write the review, but I'm so amazed I had to write it. Conclusion: the appearance of my age in my opinion after using LIFECELL, is that of a 65 yo. I can't wait to see what my daughter thinks when I see her in 2 weeks. I'm absolutely sure she will notice and question my rejuvenation. I will visit this post in the near future for my updates. (NOTES: I am in no way connected with LifeCell or any such company. I am simply a happily retired 64 yo consumer/customer that's even happier now after LifeCell entered my life). I did not purchased this product from I purchased the product from on their special pay for shipping only, pay $189.00 up at 30 days if not completely satisfied and returned within 30 days. I will continue to purchase this product directly from as there is no price difference and purchasing directly does have some benefits such as they will be sending me a trial size of their Cooling Eye Treatment and Collagen supplements.)