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  • Elizabeth E. Leland - love it!!! YumMy husband visited this place in London, and loved the food as well as the presentation every time he went in. The cook book is wonderful. We have made a few things and they are so wonderfully good and unique I would highly recommend this to intermediate cooks. Not really for beginners. We don't bake much, mostly cook but these baking recipes are pretty easy to follow. And dang they are known for their baked goods!
  • Travis Marlette - This works wellI had a Skin Tag under my arm, and I had had it for years. It was small, but it would get irritated whenever I would exercise. i went to the doctor, and they said it would be about $150 bucks to get rid of it, which i wasn't about to pay. I saw Tag Away a couple years after that visit, and figured that it wouldn't work, but it was a lot cheaper than the doctor, so what they hay right?

    I truly didn't think it would do anything for me, and when you do put it on it smells like a form of Eucalyptus, though quite strong. I followed the schedule relatively close. some days two applications, others 3, and about 5 weeks later, the tag just went black, and dried out. it happened over about three days, but after that, it was like having a loose scab under my arm. I mean that literally, because every time I went to pull it off, there was the similar pain of picking a scab.

    Anyway, about a week after that, it simply fell off, and no scar. Personally I would recommend it. It's considerably cheaper than a doctor, though based on these reviews I'd say not effective for everyone. Is it worth a shot... in my opinion, absolutely. Do a cost comparison with your family doctor first, then decide for yourself if the cost is worth it.
  • Adrian - Microsoft Officeis the bazooka in the world of office software. Most of us only need a BB gun, but why not have the power available just in case? I'm a long time (since the late 80's) PC user recently come over to the Macintosh world and this was my first Mac software purchase. I was surprised and pleased to find out how similar the Mac version is to the Windows software I'm used to. Moving files from one platform and also Google docs to my Mac was surprisingly trouble free.

    Amazon's software store makes the management of your downloads simple. No more having to look for discs and license codes if you need to reinstall the software, Amazon keeps them all handy for you.
  • Robert B. Weaver - Post-Apocalyptic JobI gave this novel to my wife for Christmas. She passed it to me with the warning that although it was well-written and riveting, it was so grim that she couldn't finish it. No doubt about it; grim is an understatement. The prose poetry use of the words "grey" and "ash" numbingly cover the reader like the landscape. I found his non-use of apostrophes and quotation marks intriguing. Is it because the old conventions are gone? Is it that much of the conversation is really internal? What I found unique and compelling about this book is the hope in a hopeless situation, the joy of the relationship between the man and the boy and the non-present presence of God throughout the novel. I felt that the novel in many ways shares the profound themes of suffering wrestled with in the book of Job. Neither the man nor the Boy know why the world is broken; they live in and with it. If you have children, this book will make you examine your love for them.
  • Midwest Book Review - A 'must' for any student trying to apply statistical calculations to realityAny student anxious about statistics will find The Manga Guide to Statistics an outstanding guide: it covers various types of calculations, shows how to determine probability and coefficients linked to common concerns of students and everyday living, and is powered by quirky examples holding high interest, A 'must' for any student trying to apply statistical calculations to reality.