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AbacusRx - Pharmacy System and Pharmacy Software for Pharmacist - Pharmacy systems, Pharmacy software, sales and service since 1984. Complete Pharmacy management system, Accounting, Inventory, Auto fill, Counseling, Reporting and much more.


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  • Miranda Prince "Punky Monkey" - Easy PeasyThis was very easy to use. It was about the same as using a thumb drive -- you just plug it in to the USB port, and off you go. (OK, you also have to hook it up to a power source.)

    It has a good capacity -- 500 GB is plenty of room for a lot of stuff. I like to use an external hard drive to store my photos and music: stuff that would take up a lot of space on my computer's hard drive and slow down the computer. Also, that way, if my computer dies, I don't end up having to re-rip all of my CDs.

    This drive is lightweight and very portable.
  • Pen Name - They work !Ok I went to the clinic yesterday & got tested for BV & no problems I love these pills one thing I just hope when I'm finish with them it wont come back. It's best for to use repHresh vagina gel and take the repHresh pro-b at the same time. U will feel a whole lot better. I believe these pills makes me go to the bathroom (#2) I don't know if its cleaning me out or not.try these pills people tthey work.
  • Mr. Michael A. Prince - Outstanding deviceI LOVE this device.

    Others have talked about the device, so I figure I'll provide some tips to new Lumia users (cool things I found):

    Apps - going to sound like a Nokia commercial, but these are the ones I use most:

    * Smartshoot - takes several photos in succession and lets you EASILY pick / choose the best bits of each to make one good photo
    * Cinemagraph - Take a short video and animate certain pieces of it while leaving the other parts still (youtube it)
    * Nokia Music - Free and ad-free, new music with offline access (no data charges). This must cost Nokia money, but who care, I paid for the phone
    * Nokia Drive+ - Free turn by turn voice guided GPS that uses the same maps as Garmin
    * Metrotube - Awesome Youtube app
    * Photobeamer - send a photo from your screen to any web enabled device - mindbendingly simple and one of those apps that you can't understand how it's not 'magic'

    Visual and music search - just hit the search button and then choose the eye - you can scan QR codes, bar codes, Microsoft tags etc. without an app. If you hit the 'musical note' icon, it will listen to a song and tell you the name, again, no app required

    Kids corner - allow your kids to bypass the lock on your phone but only get to their apps.

    Wireless charging - this is more awesome than you can imagine if you haven't used it.

    Skydrive - works like iCloud but is available on Android, Xbox, iphone and Windows 7 and 8. Take a pic or video, and it will automatically be on your PC, Xbox or other device. Upload an office doc to Skydrive and edit it on the web or your phone.
  • seattle_kahuna - American masterpieceThis is a masterpiece of American fiction. It is precisely the jarring juxtaposition of the relentlessly cruel,apopalyptic world with the Man's unwavering, bottomless devotion to the Boy that makes this one of the most compelling love stories ever written. "If he is not the Word of God, then God never spoke." You have that right, sir. Cormac McCarthy's devastating prose nearly burned holes in my retinas and pulled my heart out of my chest.
    Favorable comparisons to Melville are well founded. Perhaps "Blood Meridian" is McCarthy's "Moby Dick" and "The Road" is his "Billy Budd." He's taken themes and images from the larger work and boiled them down into an incredibly potent elixir. It scared the bejesus out of me and made me hug my boys tightly.