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American Association of Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics - The American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics (AAMCC) provides an organizational framework for scientists and healthcare professionals interested in the medical application of chronobiology and chronotherapeutics.


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  • mrsrichardson - FIVE STARS!Love this product. I was doubtful that it'd really work because I didn't think something as easy as this could help with my lifelong embarrassment but after two uses it is already showing progress! I have treated almost my entire body and my legs have the most progress. I used to have to shave every single day and barely could go 12 hours without stubble and now I can go 2-3 days! It is still a little splotchy because it is hard to keep track of exactly where I've treated but this wont be a problem after many uses. 5 stars from me so far! I'll be ordering refill cartridges in the next few weeks! Love it love it love it!
  • Amanda - Love itI was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006. My gastroenterologist recommended I take Align along with my prescription medication & the pair help keep my colon happy.
  • stixman6 - Cleveland?Anyone else finding the significance in the fact that this soon-to-be released DVD was shot in Cleveland, the Home of the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame that has so blindly failed to recognize Rush for years? Or just a mere coincidence? Knowing the humor of the band, I think the former not the latter.

    I caught some of this show on VH1 Classic during "Rush Hashanah". Epic as usual from the masters.
  • Neal Avron - this is more a review for the method than the bookpurchased the book a few months ago & it is all great & fine: easy to read & explains method quite adequately. I read whole book b/f starting. Let me just say I am a healthy 51 year old female, not on any medications and very active. My only complaint, if any, is sleeplessness [kind of hormonal based--women out there know what i mean], and tendency toward high blood pressure which is not weight-based, just runs in the family and now that i am bit older, it is kind of creeping up to high side of normal & beyond if i am stressed. Doctors occasionally mention putting me on medication, which is an option i refuse to consider b/c i know there are bad side effects from medication & I can manage the blood pressure thru its cause, not by taking medication to manage the symptoms [which is really not true health]. I actually rarely go to the doctor. So, i started protocol w/ 3 drops of HP 3x a day and I am now up to 24 drops a day. It is a bit difficult balancing when to eat & take next dose b/c you have to have an empty stomach each time, but otherwise very easy to do it. I am not too bothered by taste of water now that i am up to 24 drops [top amount is tomorrow with 25 drops and then you start incrementally reducing back down to 3 drops a day--not sure of maintenance amounts, more research to come]. Ok, so what changes, differences have i seen? Well, about 5 days into taking drops, i started to get a canker sore inside my mouth [which is always a signal i am fighting something off/my immune system is compromised] and then my lymph nodes in my neck got very hard & swollen [again another sign i am fighting something]. I haven't actually had a cold or flu in many many years b/c I do a high daily intake of antioxidants [i buy mush defense also sold by amazon Source Naturals Immune Defense, 16-Mushroom Complex, 120 Tablets& highly recommend it + many other antioxidants]. While I get occasional canker sore b/c my body is fighting something, I haven't had swollen nodes for years & years. I found all of this very interesting b/c the book does explain that you will perhaps go thru a healing crisis while ridding your body of toxins & the canker sore & swollen nodes seem to bear this out. I never actually got ill & I might of felt a bit yucky [hard to tell b/c it was subtle] but after 8-9 days into regimen, nodes unswelled & canker went away. This is what has happened since i started the HP: my sleep, which in past few years in particular has not been good at all--light & restless & when you wake up in morning you feel exhausted--has dramatically changed. I sleep so deeply & wake feeling SO rested. I noticed someone else in the reviews had also said this & i thought to myself if I accomplish that alone in trying the HP, it will be completely worth it. My face looks rested in morning & deep circles are not there [which is what i see if I have had a bad, sleepless night]. So, my sleep has vastly improved. Also, my energy, always high anyway, has also increased. I also notice I don't get those usual "i wanna take a nap" moments at about 3ish in the afternoon--again, something I was feeling almost every day for last 3+ years b/c sleep has been bad. My energy continues high thru out day. Last thing, I haven't been monitoring it [i have BP cuff at home], but I can kind of tell when BP is high or low b/c I can feel a thumping at base of my neck & get tiny headache when BP is highish, and my BP has been regular/good for last few weeks. No moments of feeling that occasional thumping. I am going to finish current protocol w/ HP & then do maintenance after. This method has been VERY HELPFUL FOR ME!! I am very, very happy to have improved sleep & so I woke up this morning refreshed & had to write a review!! Happy holidays:)