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  • Daniel C. Staples - Wonderful film making and a wonderful rideThis is a truly well made film. Sure, it has its over the top and crazy moments. But the good (excellent really) far outweighs any hyperbole. Don't be put off by the graphic first scene -- there is a lot more to this than just a martial arts flick. The direction and cinematography is simply outstanding -- you are viscerally engaged in every scene start to finish. There is intrigue, beauty, action, and emotion all rolled up into one really nice package. Settle in for a great ride. Let yourself be swept away. You will be glad you did.
  • Nathan A. Simpson "lead paint" - after hourswell i original bought this to speed up my searchers for porn but sadly i found

    that unless i run miles of cable it wont make a difference in speed. i did notice

    though low-res pics and movies are all as clear as HD now cause this cable is so

    wonderful. now to get to what matters. last Tuesday me and my 4x4 club were out

    muddin and charlie got buried deep and all 30 trucks had forgot there recovery

    straps....good thing i had this cable running back to my house to my laptop" speed

    was amazing being 40 miles from house. so i ran the extra out to his truck and gave

    him a yank..i might have hit 45 maybe 50mph before the slack was out the cable

    seemed to slip a little but over all it pulled hi, right out. another use not

    listed on here was how easy it cured cancer....yeah i said it. ive went to the

    doctors for 25 years now and when i went to doctors yesterday i still hadnt had

    cancer even though i thought i had caught it. and the only reason i would not

    recommend this item is the lack of wolves... totally lost my boner over it
  • Tony Serviente "Glass artist" - Street wiseObey the GPS. When in doubt do the same. I have come to rely on this dashboard tyrant to a degree that is startling and depressing. Should it direct me over a cliff, like the Lemmings of lore, over I would go. On the other hand this enslavement has its perks. I get to destinations in much faster times, use less gas, and see much more interesting routes. I can also go to strange and foreign places, like Cleveland, with no navigational anxiety. Garmin has done away with the ever popular "recalculating" mantra that Samantha used to intone, and while most folks are glad to see it gone, I miss it. A little passive aggressive attitude in a GPS is fine by me. Maps have been good for cross continent travel and only experienced a few places of GPS freak out, which are easily survived by a steady hand and deep breathing. Lane position option is OK, but not that useful. You will be assimilated.
  • BraveFox - Great book, LOVE it!In my opinion, the author gives an absolutely comprehensive, a true picture of job-hunting strategies in the modern world. Everything I knew about job-hunting from my own life, my friends experience, or professional advice, everything and much, much more is in this precious book! This book offers a life-lasting strategy, a conception that would save your time and energy in the job-hunting process, and land you with the job that is right for you. That is what a parachute is for: to save your life in a critical moment.