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  • collegeGrad - So far so good... (African American, Facial Hair)I just received the nono! about a week ago. I didn't get the memo about using it three times a week, and so I've been using it every day. Day 1, I charged it for five hours, then I went to work with it day two, three and four. Today is day four.

    I've had pretty bad unwanted facial hair since childhood. I'm incredibly turned off by the idea of lazer surgery, but eventually got this as a gift for Christmas. Although I've only been using it for three days (only on my cheeks, chin and neck), I'm pretty satisfied with my 3 day trial. I don't use the lotion that comes with it, and I'm considering dropping the buffer from my routine (I think it makes my skin dry/irritated).

    I was worried about burning the bumps on my skin (from in grown hairs), as well as it not working for my hair type, since I'm African American. Nope! The heat passes right over the bumps with no pain.

    So far, my skin feels smoother, and the hair is gradually lightening from my skin. The stubble that it misses, and other hairs that remain, are softer after using the nono.

    The smell? Sure. But it's really not that bad. If you've ever had to flat iron your hair, then you've smelled MUCH worse...

    The pain? Essentially none. There's a bit of heat when using the product, and my skin feel tingly for a good ten minutes afterwards. I'll continue to update on whether this becomes an issue or not...

    My main worries include:

    1) the hair growing back thicker and faster,

    2) My skin being irritated

    3) It not actually having lasting effects, and my sweet gifter who made the $300 investment wasted her money

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still skeptical. I'm waiting for the hidden side effects to pop up any day now. But so far, so good. I'm satisfied...
  • Daniel H - I have become a better person.I found myself on most days contemplating ways on how to slice a banana. I would often stay in the shower for more than two hours, thinking of ways to cut one. I tried everything, from removing the cover off of my fan and slowly inching it into the blades as they turned, to putting it in a jar of vinegar and staring at it, hoping that something would happen (sort of like to an egg). I sunk into a deep depression, and had to take 3 pills every morning and night to cope with it. I mentioned my banana problem to a co-worker of mine, and he introduced me to this revolutionary invention called a "Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer". I almost fainted as I gazed upon this perfect god-like product. Since then I have woke up everyday in the greatest mood and am no longer taking anti-depressants, I also do community service and raise awareness on breast cancer. Thank you, Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer.
  • gilgalad - PS4 restockfyi to all who are worried they will never see ps4 again on amazon, they are restocking for the coming holidays and should start selling them mid december, i think the 15th. the reason they stopped selling them after launch was that they wanted to restock so that everyone would have a chance to get one this christmass
  • Shannon Lewandowski - Age of Context: Innovative Wearables, Applications and Pinpoint Marketing Enable Meaningful Brand Interactions and DisruptionRobert Scoble and Shel Israel have laid out a clear vision for our contextual future. They have compiled an impressive list of technologies, driving factors, startups and individuals that are already delivering anticipatory applications and devices that are saving lives and improving the quality of our lives. And, they cover many industries in depth that are being disrupted and transformed right in front of our eyes, including the auto industry, retail, healthcare and government. This book is dense with great information and analysis, but it is a quick read.

    The prevailing optimism resonates with my passion and optimism towards technology and my digital career. Anticipatory applications are improving the quality of life for kids with child onset diabetes because of spotting trends and adjusting doses. Exoskeletons are enabling paraplegics to walk. Self driving cars are enabling the blind to independently get around and "drive". 3D modeling and augmented reality enable cities to collaboratively test costly upgrades before breaking ground. Google Glass is enabling parents to capture more precious moments while intensely connecting with their kids. Fitbits, fuel bands and companion software are helping people lose weight and live healthier lives.

    But, they also and very timely, tackled privacy concerns and data ownership. The free ice cream model has been great for building viral audiences and demand, but enthusiastic early adopters and all consumers using "free" services for that matter, are not provided with clear language that explains clearly the privacy and data ownership they are handing over for convenience, utility and the ability to experience the latest app.

    I finished up the book before my vacation began and the book left me wanting for a wearable device that doesn't force me to look down at my phone or my wrist, but to look up into the eyes of those I'm with and out into the world.I wanted a tough, wearable device that could have handled the dunk off the kayak and into the ocean and still serve as a camera and provide fitness, navigation, location and history information as we explored the great Na Pali coast. I wanted a wearable device that would allow me to hike hands-free, take pictures and allow me to learn more about Kalalau Trail and Hanakapi'ai Falls, as well as warn me about rising river waters and the pitch of the trail on the way back.

    I'm excited about our contextual future. Many will find this future intuitive because we hand over so much data and expect technologies, companies and departments to understand our needs, our context and just work. But, in reality, competitive companies are still creating closed ecosystems that fly in the face of the original vision of the free and open Web. As consumers, we will have to continue to push for transparency and the ability to provide permission to personal data. I hope pinpoint marketing will deliver a future with less annoying ads that misinterpret context and stalk you around the Web. I hope noise filters enable quick access without removing the diversity that a global Web offers. And, I hope the incredible benefits of contextual applications are not marred or hindered by privacy misuse or malice. We may have a bumpy road ahead, but the age of context can bring about more meaningful brand interactions as well as disrupt markets and industries.
  • V8Lawyer - Excellent Home Cloud Storage OptionWe have been running this unit for around a month now and it hasn't missed a beat the whole time. At first moving the 3 GB of data I already had took nearly a week or so of moving items in chunks. I was a little worried about this speed, however I was OK with it once I realized that I was able to continue writing all that data whilst watching a movie on one computer in one room and streaming music from another. So I think there may be limitation factored in to make sure it has capacity to do other things. Either way now that everything is over it works great. Never really here it running, it just sits behind the TV. 2 computers, 4 phones and a Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player - WDBHG70000NBK-HESN connect to the unit and operate seamlessly.

    I found the set up to be really easy using the web-page dashboard system. Connecting the phones to the unit was a piece of cake and the app works brilliantly - its an excellent feature which I really enjoy. I can be at work and download items onto my phone, or download music or something to watch straight onto my phone for the train trip to work.

    Very impressive overall, particularly for the money.