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  • The Endz - In the 2 years I've used this I've only gotten sick once

    I live in NYC and deal with all sorts of germs from all over the country. I started taking this and I haven't been the same since. The feeling you get when you take two of these is like a pure adrenaline shot. The amount of vitamins you get in these pills is simply unparalleled. The only con I can think of is that you'll have to use the bathroom frequently and your urine will be lime green. Not sure if that's a con for you or not. Anyway, I take these things religiously and can't imagine going any extended period of time without them.

  • - Reading this book changed my life!

    I have Celiac Disease and FMS and this book is the ONLY thing that has given me control over my health. I was on steroids and 8 other prescriptions for various symtoms related to the CD and FMS. This diet eliminated my digestive symtoms and reduced my pain levels by 85%. I am now off of most medication and am living a much more normal life with a lot less pain.

    I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has GI problems. In my humble opinion, any doctor (especially a GI doctor) who tells you that diet isn't a major factor in GI disorders is on the verge of mal practice! I finally found a doctor who recommended this book and with his help I have regained my health. For those of you who suffer from Fibromyalgia -- this diet reduced my pain levels and other allergic tendencies more than any medication or the other MANY, MANY things I tried.

    This is not the easiest diet to follow but it is worth what you gain and is maybe the only way people with major GI abnormalities can live a normal life. Before you try surgery -- try this diet!

    I wish you good luck and good health!

  • Buzz Cut - Amazing Works Perfect and Very Easy to Use!

    TempTooth ,

    So my tooth was coming lose and I ordered TempTooth, before it fell out. But fall out it did, however; I still did not use TempTooth. I was afraid of it not working and having this huge gap in the front of my mouth.
    Like so many people I work one on one with clients and having teeth helps. So a huge fear was
    waiting for failure of another online scam.

    So I read the directions, which seemed to easy to be true. Now I was really waited for it to fail.
    Cost effective and easy are never in the same sentence. I did as it said and in less then ten minutes
    my tooth was in. I was impressed I read instructions again did the process with the same tooth and molded a better one.
    It actually ends up looking better then my own teeth. I think I will try the tea next making the shade a tad darker.
    TempTooth, I was skeptic big time, I thought this was just another online scam claiming to fix the impossible..
    The material is tough as nails but is smooth on my gums.

    Thank you so much,
    I have been on vacation this week and can go back to work, and not a soul will no my tooth came out.
    I think everyone should have this in their shelf at home just in case you lose a tooth.

    However ever you invented this, you should know in doing so you will change lives.
    Amazing, cant say enough !

    One note that truly impressed me is the product inventor answers the emails I sent.
    And gives full product support.
    I would buy again if needed, a better value and product you will not find.
    And they have a money back guarantee.
    Like I posted, Amazing !!

    Paul C .
    ( this is a copy of the letter I sent them )