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  • Maggie - Fast ResultsExposed is so natural and wonderful. I have used Proactiv for 5 years and it kind of quit working. When I switched to exposed, my acne cleared fast. If I had a sore spot that I knew would cause a large pimple, the clearing serum like draws it out so it is gone so much faster. It has helped my self-esteem about my face and is so smooth. Proactiv is kind of gritty, it makes your face feel clean, but strips the oils you need to balance. I highly recommend this, it is a perfect product.
  • Uncle Bob - Essential knowledge for sufferers of bowel diseaseTwo months of no response to serious medications for ulcerative colitis and after two weeks of adhering to the diet outlined in this book my health improved dramatically.
  • James - sony's best console yet!Sony's best console yet. It has much better performance than the PS3. Its fast and responsive, the controller is also better than the PS3 and 360. The games look great and so far run smooth. the streaming feature is incredible, trophy's have rarity stats, party chat is good, and free games for PS+ on PS3, PS4 and PSV is the best value a gamer could ask for. and the remote play on vita is good so far. If your a HARDCORE gamer the PS4 is a must buy!
  • Charles McCaghy "Chuck" - Need some data? More than likely they are hereAside from a dictionary and a thesaurus this is the reference work I use most often. It covers many topics but I am especially happy with its descriptions of individual nations, data on colleges and universities, and the annual changing of postal information. There are other almanacs, but over many years I've found this version to be sufficient. Since I've not tried others I am in no position to compare.
  • Sonja - Perfect for Taking Care of BusinessI bought these and have found them to be the perfect solution to putting a foot up the arse of those politicians who think they have a right to dictate my medical choices for my body. I find them especially comfortable and warm when my legs are up in stirrups while the GOP searches in my vagina for jobs. The best thing about these shoes to me though is when I am able to use them to stand up for women's rights!